Help for Men & Women Who Batter

Battering Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP)

Our program helps abusive individuals to identify and change belief systems that form the foundation of their abusive behaviors. BIPP equips those who abuse with tools to help them avoid aggressive and violent behaviors in the future and replace those behaviors with healthy responses.

Education for Non-Violence Program

SafeHaven’s Education for Non-Violence Program teaches those who use abuse how to identify, examine, and reconsider core beliefs and thoughts that support their use of violence in intimate relationships. Clients discuss and practice new behaviors and skills with the goal of ending their use of violence.

This 36-hour group counseling program covers topics including:

  • Trust and Support
  • Respect
  • Nonviolence & Nonthreatening Behavior
  • Honesty & Accountability
  • Negotiation & Fairness
  • Shared Responsibility & Economic Partnership
  • Responsible Parenting

Groups of 6-12 participants meet for a two-hour session weekly. Sessions are facilitated by two trained and certified facilitators (one male and one female).

Fee: $25 for Intake Assessment & Orientation
(1-1/2 hour intake & orientation are required prior to enrolling in classes.)

$25 for each class session.

Program is accredited by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.