A Mid Year Review with CEO, Kathryn Jacob

Happy summertime, SafeHaven Supporter!

What an amazing, fast, influential, exciting start to 2016 we’ve had here.  It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-summer, we’ve been moving and grooving here working on the topics identified in our most recent strategic plan.  If you recall, our intelligent and hard-working Board of Directors identified a 5-year strategic plan last October.  This plan praised and highlighted the important work we’ve done providing emergency services for victims of intimate partner violence, and encouraged the SafeHaven leadership team to focus on initiatives getting to the root of the issue.  These initiatives include prevention services and increased work with offenders.

We changed the name of our battering intervention program to “Partner Abuse Intervention Program”, or PAIP.  Some clients who come through our PAIP are not proven batterers, so we want to be careful about the language we use to identify them.  We continue to seek ways to increase our client load in PAIP and advertise the fact that we have one of the only accredited programs in Tarrant County – certainly the largest program – and one based on a well-known, proven model out of Duluth, Minnesota.

Regarding our prevention programs, we have thankfully secured a large grant to help us gain evidence-based status on the prevention curriculum our team developed a few years ago called PAL, or Peer Abuse Learning.  Many prevention curriculums and programs qualify as “evidence-informed”, in other words, they use the best available research and practice to guide program design and implementation.  Evidence-based means our curriculum has been validated by scientific evidence.  The grant supports SafeHaven contracting with an academic researcher who will administer controlled clinical studies to establish evidence.  This is a very big deal for our prevention team at SafeHaven and we are all so proud of them already!

This work is only done – the work of ending intimate partner violence in Tarrant County – because of support from local folks like you.  Quite literally, we cannot do this work without you.  It’s our goal for our occupancy rates at our shelters to decrease…because the service is no longer needed.  The best way to do this is to work with offenders and prevent new cases.  It is my sincere hope you feel the same and will continue to support us in these important goals for our community.


With best regards, I am


Sincerely yours,


Kathryn Jacob


To see a full listing of the 2015 SafeHaven strategic plan, CLICK HERE.