Adventure Camp: Texas Tech Week

Texas Tech Week

SafeHaven kids learned what it means to be a Red Raider during the second week of Adventure Camp!

"This week at Adventure Camp, the kids learned that Texas Tech University is in Lubbock, Texas, which is about a five-hour drive from our area. We talked about the size of dorm rooms and how you have to share space with another person, who you may not even know. As we compared the size of a dorm room with all of the things we think are essentials, we created a relay race to pack everything we thought were essential items into our “car” as we moved into our college dorm. Our car space and dorm space is limited, so the kids really worked hard to determine what were essential items and what were not."

-Susan Van Meter, Arlington Children's Coordinator

Fort Worth Zoo

After a day of swimming to kickoff the week, Adventure Camp headed to the Fort Worth Zoo for a day of fun learning about animals and their environments. The zoo made for a fun way to learn about Texas Tech's animal services academic program.


Log Cabin Village

Kiddos came in contact with some of Tarrant County's oldest history at the Log Cabin Village! The purpose of the Log Cabin Village is to educate through the collection, preservation and interpretation of artifacts, structures and other items of cultural significance to Texas' pioneer era.


From the original brick walkways to the wooden corrals, SafeHaven kids explored every inch of the Fort Worth Stockyards. Adventure Camp started the day at the Cowtown Cattle Pen Maze and continued learning more about the rich history of the Stockyards.