Ana’s Baskets

Domestic violence victims have to leave everything behind in order to seek safety.  The majority of the victims and their children enter the shelter with just the clothes on their back.  When they leave  shelter to proceed with a violence free and successful life, they have to start over purchasing everyday necessities, which can become very costly.  Ana’s baskets are filled with cleaning supplies so they can make an easy transition to their new home.  When clients exit the shelter and enter their new residence, they will receive a basket so as to ease the burden as they build their new life outside of shelter.

*The following items are what we need to fill a basket:

Laundry basket (strong sturdy basket due to items being heavy)
Glass cleaner
Clothes detergent
Disinfecting wipes
Dish/kitchen towels
Dryer sheets
Kitchen counter cleaner
Kitchen trash bags
Toilet brush cleaner
Dish detergent
Toilet bowl cleaner
Dust pan with brush
Bathroom cleaner
Room deodorant spray
Kitchen and bathroom cleaning sponges
Paper Towel

*Gift cards are accepted from any store as well as any dollar store so that we can purchase these items.  Thank you for helping our women and children live a violence free and successful life.

Please label items as “ANA'S BASKETS” and drop off at the following locations:

Berry Good Buys Resale Store
1701 W. Berry Street,
Fort Worth, TX 76110
Tues – Sat 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Arlington Resource Center
401 W. Sanford, Ste. 1400
Arlington, TX 76011
Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Any questions feel free to contact Ana at  Thank you for your support!