Camp Heart in May

Camp Heart is Coming up in May!

Surviving domestic violence can be a lifelong process for children who witness and experience abuse. Nationally, 1 in 15 children are child witnesses to domestic violence, and most of them are direct victims as well.

Children need support to address the long-term effects of unhealed trauma, and SafeHaven is proud to offer an escape where a kid can be a kid! At Camp Heart, children who have been displaced from their homes and routines because of domestic violence find a safe, fun and supportive refuge where they can build skills and attitudes needed to break the cycle of violence.

This May at a local camp in Fort Worth, kids ages 6-12 in SafeHaven’s housing program will experience a 3-day camp-out with horseback riding, canoeing, roasting marshmallows and other outdoor activities combined with structured therapeutic activities. While this program is tons of fun and builds happy memories, this program also accelerates the healing process for participating children in a number of ways. It helps children escape the isolation of their past experiences and bond with peers and trusted adults in an invigorating natural setting. Camp staff also designs support groups to engage kids with wellness, healthy decision making, improved communication skills, and teamwork.

Established in 1990, CampHeart was the first camp in the country for children fleeing domestic violence. The program has helped hundreds of children recover from trauma and create new and happy memories. As they explore the outdoors with their peers and caring adults, kids at Camp Heart discover new tools for dealing with unresolved anger and fear, and they rediscover the fun and freedom of childhood.