Everyday Heroes

The Hurt

Anna worked up the courage to escape. While her husband was sleeping, she quickly took her two young daughters and swiftly walked miles away from their apartment. She had been planning this for weeks. The physical and emotional abuse had become unbearable over the last year.

“He is going to kill me,” echoed in her mind as she rushed to find help.

The Hope

Maggie was leaving her favorite coffee shop when she encountered a young, emotional mother lugging two children, appearing lost and scared. Maggie was in a hurry to get to her next appointment, but her intuition led her to ask if the distressed woman was okay. It wasn’t – everything was not okay. The woman broke down and told Maggie everything. She had been waiting years for someone to finally ask her that question.

The Healing

Maggie googled “Tarrant County domestic violence shelters” on her phone and called the number. On the other end of the line Anna was pleased to be greeted by a calm SafeHaven hotline staff – they assured her help. Initially, Anna was hesitant to share her painful story, but the kind voice on the other end of the line eased her anxiety and assured her she and her children would be safe.

Maggie loaded up Anna and her two children in her car and took her to a safe location for intake to the SafeHaven emergency shelter. On the way, Anna measured the response from her eldest
daughter with a question.

“What if we didn’t go home?”

“Like ever?” the child replied.

“Never ever, baby girl.”

The answer, “Okay,” dismissed all reservations Anna had of leaving and creating a new life for her and her children.

The Help

Maggie was Anna’s hero that day, and situations like Anna’s happen across Tarrant County every day. Her caring nature and rapid response to Anna’s circumstances very well may have saved the lives of her and her children.

But Maggie isn’t the only hero.

Every day, people like you give women the chance to seek independence and joy. Please consider a gift to SafeHaven to help ensure a life free from domestic violence for the women in your community just like Anna.