Happy Holidays from SafeHaven

What an incredible year at SafeHaven!

Because of you, we’ve been able to accomplish some big things and dive deeper into the work we do daily to end domestic violence in Tarrant County.  All in all, SafeHaven served over 30,000 residents through safety, support, prevention, and social change.

30,000 is a big number, but I’d like to tell you about just one of those women – Adele.  Adele escaped a violent relationship with her three children through entry into our emergency shelter.  She went through the programs at SafeHaven, including SafeLiving, our transitional housing solution for clients.  She graduated from that program a few years ago.  I have to tell you, Adele’s youngest son goes to daycare with my oldest son, so I see Adele on a pretty regular basis.  Each time I run into her, I am humbled by the woman she was and is and the example she has set for her children.  She is smart and savvy, confident and so, so strong.  Adele says she’s not just a survivor, she’s a gladiator.  Knowing her, I would tend to agree.

This holiday season, I’m proud to tell the story of Adele.  We are asking you now to consider a gift to SafeHaven – a gift that allows us to make more gladiators out of those who walk through our doors.  The morning of December 25th, 164 women and children will wake up in a SafeHaven emergency shelter to a life experience that is drastically different from the one they envisioned for themselves.  We will provide them the very best service possible during the hardest time in their lives, and we can only do that with your support.  Thank you in advance for joining us in serving them, and for all of your help so far.  Happy holidays.


Merry, merry –


Kathryn Jacob, LMSW
President and CEO
SafeHaven of Tarrant County