Harriet Blake – SafeStar Volunteer

This National Volunteer Appreciation Week, SafeHaven is honoring the volunteers that allow us to continue working toward our mission.

Six volunteers or volunteer groups were honored with awards at SafeHaven's "Round of Applause" event on Tuesday, but we also want to let you get to know each of these incredible advocates for SafeHaven.

Let's take a look at our SafeStar Volunteer Award winner, Harriet Blake. The SafeStar Volunteer award winner is an individual or group that has made an outstanding contribution to SafeHaven through their efforts as a volunteer.

Name: Harriet Blake

Where do you volunteer at SafeHaven? Arlington Shelter

Why did you decide to get involved with SafeHaven? Many years ago before my kids were born, I used to volunteer at the Family Place, which does similar work with domestic violence in Dallas. I now live in Tarrant County and had the time, so I came here. I enjoy the front office staff and the opportunity to help the women and kids in whatever small way I can once a week.

What has been your favorite memory working with SafeHaven? There are two. Seeing the look on an incoming family's face (mom and kids) when they arrived and we presented them with clothing and toys. Also, getting feedback from my Sunday School kids after they serve lunch here each semester. They go back home realizing how fortunate they are.

If you could choose any celebrity to volunteer with you for a day, who would it be and why? Sandra Bullock because from the roles she's played and the real-life struggles she has endured, I think she would have the temperament and compassion to volunteer at a domestic violence shelter.