Honoring Tarrant County Victims

Each year, domestic violence ends the lives of Tarrant County women and children. These losses, in turn, devastate families and distress communities. The Texas Council on Family Violence documents the narratives of victims of intimate partner violence homicides to both honor those whose lives are lost to domestic violence and to inform our work to close system gaps and change the culture that minimizes intimate partner violence.

Below, we list with respect and care the names of each victim of intimate partner homicide in Tarrant County in 2018. We join their friends, families and communities in mourning their deaths.

Chi Pham, 38
Grand Prairie | March 9, 2018
Chi Pham died in her home after her ex-boyfriend, Hung Son Nguyen, 47, stabbed and killed her. Nguyen then set fire to Chi’s home and drove to the salon where he and Chi worked. Nguyen set fire to his vehicle in the parking lot and assaulted and threatened a female co-worker with a gun before attempting to set fire to the salon. An armed civilian in a nearby business overheard and intervened. Chi is survived by her two children and her three nieces and nephews that she raised after her sister passed away a year earlier.

O’Tishae Womack, 30
Fort Worth | April 6, 2018
O’Tishae Womack died in her home when her ex-boyfriend, Paige Lawyer, 37, strangled and killed her. Lawyer also strangled and killed O’Tishae’s 10-year-old daughter, KaMyria. He then fled to Tennessee, where law enforcement apprehended him. Lawyer has a history of domestic violence, including two strangulation charges and a vehicular assault against O’Tishae. He was sentenced to 18-month probation after the first strangulation assault in 2017. Lawyer was due in court for the last two assault charges the week of the murders. O’Tishae ended the relationship with Lawyer a year prior to the murder. O’Tishae is survived by twin sons, age 4.

Day’zhia McKinley, 27
Fort Worth | April 21, 2018
Day’zhia McKinley died in front of her home when her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Manning, 28, shot and killed her. Day’zhia’s three young sons were in the home at the time. Manning fled the scene and remains at large. Day’zhia is survived her three sons.

Kelly Lawson, 36
Fort Worth | June 19, 2018
Kelly Lawson died after her ex-boyfriend, Jamie Brown, 38, kidnapped, shot and killed her. Brown fled to Longview, where one of his relatives reported his suspicious behavior. Authorities arrested Brown and charged him with murder. Brown’s abusive behavior, threats, and stalking escalated after Kelly ended the relationship two months before the murder. Kelly planned to seek a protective order after Brown slashed her tires and threatened to kill her. Kelly is survived by her two daughter, ages 13 and 14.

Rochelle Mims, 34
Fort Worth | September 2, 2018
Rochelle Mims died in a home after her boyfriend, Lucious Newhouse III, 54, shot and killed. Newhouse moved Rochelle’s body to a field near Sulphur Springs in Hopkins County, Texas. While law enforcement responding to a single car accident, they found Newhouse and found Rochelle’s body nearby. Authorities arrested and charged Newhouse with murder. Newhouse has a history of domestic violence against Rochelle.

Donna Alexander, 36
Grand Prairie | September 24, 2018
Donna Alexander died in the hospital after her ex-boyfriend, Nathaniel Mitchell, 34, assaulted her in her home. Mitchell broke into her home and assaulted Donna while her two children were in the home. He then took her to the hospital, claiming she fell in the shower. Hospital authorities alerted the police, and they arrested Mitchell at the hospital. Authorities initially charged Mitchell with burglary with intent to commit aggravated assault, and upgraded the charges to murder after Donna died three days after the attack. Donna had ended her relationship with Mitchell and asked him to move out. Donna is survived by her two children, a 14-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter.

Darcy Martin, 59
Fort Worth | November 3, 2018
Darcy Martin died in her apartment after her boyfriend, Ricky Thompson, 41, strangled and killed her. Neighbors called law enforcement to report witnessing Thompson screaming at and dragging Darcy back to their apartment. When law enforcement entered the apartment, Thompson claimed Darcy was asleep; upon examining her, officers noticed that she showed signs of strangulation. Authorities arrested and charged Thompson with murder.