With thanksgiving we share our stories

I turn lemons into lemonAID

and lemonade into caring

Carson Cares


When I was six, my mom was the director of children’s programs for SafeHaven. She took me to the shelter and I came home wishing I could do something to help the kids there have more fun. I started a lemonade stand and raised $22 -not even enough to send one kid to SafeHaven’s CampHeart.

Over eight years, the lemonade stand has become the LemonAID Stand Fundraiser, bringing in about $1,200 a year. Now we use the money to buy gift cards to the movies or bowling alley -things that will turn into fun field trips for kids in the shelter.

What started small has grown every year and now I have my own nonprofit called CarsonCares. We do big volunteer projects and fundraisers throughout the year. It’s a different way for kids and adults to help others.

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