Jeanine Werberig – Board Excellence Award

This National Volunteer Appreciation Week, SafeHaven is honoring the volunteers that allow us to continue working toward our mission.

Six volunteers or volunteer groups were honored with awards at SafeHaven's "Round of Applause" event on Tuesday, but we also want to let you get to know each of these incredible advocates for SafeHaven.

Let's take a look at our Board Excellence Award winner, Jeanine Werberig. While all of our board members go above and beyond for our mission, this particular award goes to the board member who is selfless in their behind-the-scenes work with little to no credit and tirelessly champions SafeHaven in the community.

Name: Jeanine Werberig

Where do you volunteer at SafeHaven? Board of Directors and Fort Worth Shelter

Why did you decide to get involved with SafeHaven? About eight years ago, I was invited to tour the Fort Worth shelter. The following month we served dinner at the shelter, and I've been coming back every month since then!

What has been your favorite memory working with SafeHaven? Even though I'm behind the kitchen counter, I love meeting the clients. Their caring and generosity never ceases to amaze me!

If you could choose any celebrity to volunteer with you for a day, who would it be and why? To me, there's nothing better than inviting ANY new person to serve. It makes to proud to show off the shelter and the employees. Scott Biskup (SafeHaven Kitchen Manager) is absolutely WONDERFUL to work with!