Meet the Crisis and Outreach Team

We are thrilled to share that 2017 will mark the one year anniversary of our SafeHaven Crisis and Outreach program, and we couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments and extra efforts in joining our mission.

This outspoken and energetic team are the first people that a person would meet upon walking in to One Safe Place (the Fort Worth Family Justice Center). They provide assistance to those searching for answers, resources, or immediate assistance. The Crisis and Outreach team provides invaluable resources to families, hope for women who are confused on next steps, and are expert guides in establishing a safety plan and connecting people with the assistance that they need.

As we celebrate this landmark of the Crisis and Outreach program, we are confident that this service will only continue to grow and it will be an vital part of the process that we use to provide safety and support to the clients that come to SafeHaven.

“Freedom from domestic violence is not a single step process. It is a journey with roadblocks, challenges, and anyone could get lost along the paths less traveled.Our team is dedicated to breaking down the walls of these overwhelming challenges to walk the path alongside our clients. Over a thousand families took that first step because of these compassionate and skilled team members ready to ensure the destination is safer, easier to access services with partner agencies, and ensure dignity throughout their journey.” – Chad Duncan, Intake Specialist at SafeHaven

We are excited to see the impact of this remarkable team. Every staff member and team is an integral part of our mission, and it is always empowering to see a new program flourish and provide critical help.

What’s on the horizon for this group?

As a new program that is still in its infancy, SafeHaven has focused on building up the “crisis” portion of the Crisis and Outreach team.  With the success of this program and the new needs that it has identified, we are confidently looking forward to expanding this program to include an outreach component that will allow SafeHaven to move forward in our community and to make great strides as we work to end domestic violence in Tarrant County!