Megan Fanning – Katie Carlson Advocacy Award

This National Volunteer Appreciation Week, SafeHaven is honoring the volunteers that allow us to continue working toward our mission.

Nine volunteers or volunteer groups were honored with awards at SafeHaven's "Round of Applause" event last Thursday, but we also want to let you get to know each of these incredible advocates for SafeHaven.

Let's take a look at our Katie Carlson Advocacy Award winner, Megan Fanning. This award honors an individual or organization in recognition of outstanding advocacy and his or her work to further the conversation of domestic violence and the mission of SafeHaven in the community.

Name: Megan Fanning

Where do you volunteer at SafeHaven? Shelters and Special Events

Why did you decide to get involved with SafeHaven? I have worked with victims of domestic violence as a case manager and also as a volunteer living in Peru. I realized during these experiences how difficult it is to leave an abusive relationship and how important it is to have resources like the ones provided through SafeHaven. I love being able to give back through photography - something that I enjoy to do so much.

What has been your favorite memory working with SafeHaven? I love every event that I get to photograph for SafeHaven, but I had a lot of fun capturing family portraits for the families at the Arlington Shelter. Many of them had never had photographs taken before, and helping them see how beautiful their families were was a special experience.

If you could choose any celebrity to volunteer with you for a day, who would it be and why? Ellen Degeneres, because she is such a positive person and truly enjoys giving back.