Nichole Masters-Henry Named Chief Services Officer

Nichole Masters-Henry will oversee SafeHaven’s victim services.

SafeHaven of Tarrant County is thrilled to announce the addition of Nichole Masters-Henry to its senior leadership team as the agency’s Chief Services Officer. Henry brings more than 20 years of nonprofit and social services experience to the new role.

“We are so excited to welcome Nichole Masters-Henry to the SafeHaven senior leadership team as our new Chief Services Officer,” SafeHaven President and CEO, Kathryn Jacob, said. “Nichole will oversee all of our agency’s victim services – from shelter to counseling and long-term housing to hotline and assessment. We could not be more honored that she accepted this offer.”

Prior to her promotion, Henry served as the Vice President of Residential Services at SafeHaven, where she oversaw both of the agency’s shelters and its transitional housing program. Henry also previously worked as the agency’s Director of Crisis and Outreach.

“I am absolutely thrilled but most of all humbled,” Henry said. “It is a privilege to serve at SafeHaven alongside the brilliant women and men working every day to save lives. The fact that our leadership trusts me to lead in this capacity doing this vital work makes my heart smile – I can’t even compose the words to convey the sense of honor I feel when I think about what this means to me.”

 A Fort Worth native, Henry’s leadership skills coupled with her unyielding conviction to help others succeed have propelled her into key positions at each agency she has worked. Prior to her time with SafeHaven, she also saw stints with the YWCA of Fort Worth & Tarrant County, Presbyterian Night Shelter and Catholic Charities.

“My leadership style is characterized as servant leadership,” Henry explained. “As a servant leader the driving factor isn’t about the position or the title, it’s to empower others – both those with whom we serve alongside (employees) and those we are charged with serving (program participants). My years of direct service experience are what shaped me into this type of leader.”

SafeHaven’s Senior Leadership Team (L to R): Chief Services Officer, Nichole Masters Henry; Chief Philanthropy Officer, Megan Bent; President and Chief Executive Officer, Kathryn Jacob; Chief Operating Officer, Stephanie Storey

In 2016 she started Women In Power Empowering, a philanthropic group for successful African American women with the goal of making a difference in the lives of women experiencing socioeconomic hardships. The group established the Empowerment Fund, which provides women in Tarrant County with financial assistance to overcome barriers and crises. 

Henry also has a heart for providing affordable housing options, and after meeting with housing and homeless service providers throughout the county, she started a shared housing program in 2019. With the support of community agencies like the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition and SafeHaven of Tarrant County, Shared Worth was officially formed. In 2019 Shared Worth was awarded $10,000 as the third place winner in the United Way Kernel pitch competition. With the help of a small team of volunteers, Shared Worth has already made successful shared housing placements for senior citizens and families living at or below the poverty line.

“Nichole is brilliant beyond measure, compassionate and thoughtful,” Jacob said. “She has a personality that is at all times light and infectious and serious and focused on solutions. We know that with her at the helm of victim services in Tarrant County, we will continue to move the needle onward. Please join us in welcoming Nichole Masters-Henry and congratulating her on this critically important leadership role.”