Not Just A Number: Christie

So many times we use statistics to show the urgency of domestic violence. One in the three women will experience domestic violence, 63 calls to the hotline every day, the list goes on and on. But what we always strive to remember is that each of those numbers is a life with a story, each story truly deserves to find a life free from domestic violence. 


Christie, Age 34

”I was in shelter with my daughter before and I learned so much in my support groups and with my counselor. I learned about the red flags of abusive relationships and how to protect myself. But I think the most helpful thing was the help my daughter received.

“While we were in shelter, my daughter Landree frequently screamed, cried and was too scared to be away from me. Our childcare worker was concerned about her having developmental delays, and the assessment came back that Landree was autistic. Early Childhood Intervention worked with her, and when she wasn’t there she was with SafeHaven’s children staff. It really was incredible to see them work with her and to see her progress.

“A year after leaving shelter I started seeing another man, and pretty soon I began noticing the red flags. I tried to distance myself but he started stalking me and would assault me on occasion. I fled to the only place I knew we would be safe – SafeHaven.

“I was worried about Landree’s growth, but as soon as we got back to shelter Landree was great and has made even more amazing progress. She talks, plays, sings and has learned her alphabet and numbers. I try to stay educated on Landree’s autism and SafeHaven staff have been so wonderful to help me and give me resources. I’m so thankful for this place and how much we're cared for.”