Not Just A Number: Amy

So many times we use statistics to show the urgency of domestic violence. One in the three women will experience domestic violence, 63 calls to the hotline every day, the list goes on and on. But what we always strive to remember is that each of those numbers is a life with a story, each story truly deserves to find a life free from domestic violence. 


Amy, Age 61

“I had never lived on my own. I was married out of high school, and we moved by ourselves to Texas and started a family with two daughters and a son. We fought some, but he never threatened me or made me fear for my safety. It was never perfect, but it was our life and I wanted to make everything seem a-okay for our kids.

“But when my son graduated high school and moved away, things slowly started getting chippy at home. My husband started arguments with me constantly, and one night he became aggressive with me in a fight. We had been married for years and I had never experience that. I was terrified, but I brushed it off and went to bed.

“But it all continued, and I had no family here to run to. I knew I had to find help so I called SafeHaven and stayed in their shelter for a month. They worked with me and referred me to their housing program where I was approved for my very own apartment. I had never lived alone but I learned to enjoy my own company and it showed me how to take care of myself.

“I’ve lived in my apartment now for a few months and I’ve never been happier. I have a place to call my own and a place where I feel safe. This Thanksgiving my kids and grandkids are coming home to my place, and I can’t wait to show them my new home.

“Because of SafeHaven I finally feel the independence I wanted for so long, and even though I’m 61, I can make a life I want to live.”