Not Just A Number: Janice

So many times we use statistics to show the urgency of domestic violence. One in the three women will experience domestic violence, 63 calls to the hotline every day, the list goes on and on. But what we always strive to remember is that each of those numbers is a life with a story, each story truly deserves to find a life free from domestic violence. 


Janice, Age 42

“I kept the hotline number in a pocket in my purse. I would never call it. It seemed like SafeHaven was a great service but for women who needed it more than I did. But the number was there.

“And then one morning I picked up the morning paper and read an article about a domestic violence homicide in the same town I lived in. It hit so close to home so I made the call and the nicest woman talked to me. She understood and sympathized with me. She didn’t judge me for waiting so long to call. It was everything I needed.

“She talked to me about making a safety plan with my two kids and told me about the things I needed to have in order before I left. The documents I would want to have, a bag of belongings. We really planned it all out just in case. I told my kids about the plan when I got home. If anything happened we were ready.

“One night a couple of weeks later my husband began fighting with my dad and threatened to kill him. That night I told my kids to run to the car and we were able to get away, alive and well.

“The woman on the other end of the hotline call saved my life. Because of her touch, the plan she gave me and how she empowered me to feel comfortable using it, I was able to flee that situation and start a new life that my kids and I could be proud of.”