People of SafeHaven: Agatha Soria

A few years ago, SafeHaven developed the culture statement: "SafeHaven creates community." As a valued member of our community, we want to introduce you to the people behind the scenes who use their passions to help women in the Tarrant County community. People of SafeHaven is a series created with the sole purpose of giving you a glimpse into the lives of members of our team.

This edition features the Bilingual Administrative Assistant at the Fort Worth Resource Center, Agatha Soria. Agatha has worked at SafeHaven for 3 1/2 years. 


“I have seen several women in the time that I’ve been here come to us at a really bad place in their life, and with time and after the counselors’ appointments and following their advice, we see them “graduate” from us.

"We had one just on Friday and as she left I’m thinking, ‘Oh my gosh I’m not going to get to see you again,’ but that’s a good thing! That’s what we want to happen!

“There’s always somehow a connection that I build with the women because they don’t just see me for one part of their time with SafeHaven. I help them schedule counseling appointments and see them when they come in for group sessions. I’m the one person they see throughout and I'm that one person who is going to know them. I call them to remind them about an appointment and they know who I am. I get to be there for them throughout all these points. Seeing them in a better place when they leave is really what motivates me to come here every morning.”