People of SafeHaven: Yvette Richardson

A few years ago, SafeHaven developed the culture statement: “SafeHaven creates community.” As a valued member of our community, we want to introduce you to the people behind the scenes who use their passions to help women in the Tarrant County community. People of SafeHaven is a series created with the sole purpose of giving you a glimpse into the lives of members of our team. Up first is our Housing Director, Yvette Richardson. Yvette has worked at SafeHaven for 13 years and offices at the Arlington Shelter.

“I got my undergrad degree in cultural anthropology, and I wanted to work with women who experienced violence, but I was thinking more worldwide like joining the Peace Corps or working in Africa. I really wanted to go overseas eventually. I was working at SafeHaven at the time and was thinking about moving to Austin because I thought that was where all the activists lived and where the action was. I remember I was on the street at a protest in Fort Worth, and there were only three of four of us out there. I was talking to this older woman who was an activist back in the 1960s, and she said, ‘You’re needed here. There are a lot of people in Austin, but this place needs you.’ That’s always stuck with me, and I think of it so often when I’m at work. I can really see my work taking effect with certain people. I can see the hard work we’re putting in here and my long nights really paying off.”

Check back for more People of SafeHaven employee spotlights!