Quarterly Mission Focus- Support

The mission of SafeHaven is to end domestic violence through safety, support, prevention, and social change. The comprehensive services that are offered through our agency are the effect of thoughtful consideration and the evolving needs of the women and children we serve. Each quarter, we are highlighting a segment of our mission, so you are well informed of the impact you make as a valued investor in our mission. As safety is the main concern for families that come to our agency, support is integral in providing the best options of long-term independence from abusive situations.

These are just a few of the ways that SafeHaven creates valuable support services that provide the best long term safety for our survivors.

Individual Counseling and Case Management

Counseling provides a safe place for survivors to build on coping mechanisms, process their experiences, and build a better foundation for the future. Case managers work on individualized service plans which are tailored to meet the needs to each individual survivor. We are here to meet each client where they are on their journey.

Group Therapy

In addition to individual counseling, SafeHaven is proud to host weekly group therapy sessions and support group activities for those who come to SafeHaven. This is a time to share stories and find a community among peers who have experienced similar situations. Having peers who share similar experiences builds a stronger community for our families and provides a sturdy foundation for success.

Play Therapy for Children

Support is available for the whole family. Play therapy provides a safe, therapeutic and happy atmosphere for children to express themselves while learning tools to help cope in the future. Based on the child’s needs, this program allows a child with a safe and trusting space to express and communicate with a licensed counselor without fear of consequences. It is a truly safe place for a child to share and receive therapy (and it’s fun too)!

Housing Services

One of the biggest challenges for our survivors comes after leaving shelter. SafeHaven assists in providing significantly subsidized housing for an allotted time or, in some cases, permanent housing for chronically homeless survivors with a disabling condition. This comprehensive housing program offers continued case management, support groups and financial education to ensure success. We also recognize that it is important for kids to be kids! Twice a year, the children in the housing program celebrate Camp Heart where they experience a sleep-away weekend camp and have a fun place to learn and grow.

Legal Assistance

Legal help can seem daunting and expensive, but SafeHaven attorneys provide legal representation and/or advice to our survivors free of charge. Services most often include: support with divorce, custody cases and protective orders. Our team also provides monthly clinics to answer legal questions and provide advice to survivors in need.

If you would like more information on the support services or any services available for survivors of domestic violence, please contact our office at info@safehaventc.org or call 817-535-6462.