Intervention for Offenders

  • You Can Stop.

    We believe that everyone can learn to be in a respectful intimate partnership. In this program, you will learn new behaviors and skills with the goal of ending partner violence.

    During your groups you will get the chance to consider beliefs that support the use of violence, explore the effects of violence on yourself and those around you, consider positive behaviors that support a healthy and safe relationship and examine positive and negative outcomes from your actions.

    We Can Help.

    SafeHaven provides a safe environment for offenders to attend group sessions designed to understand past behaviors, take accountability for their actions and learn new skills to support critical thinking about their behaviors.

    We use the "Duluth Model," which offers change opportunities for abusers to take accountability for their offenses while learning about the nature of partner abuse.


    How long is the program?
    Abusive behavior is a complex issues, so we provide 27 two-hour long sessions to offer a better opportunity to learn and practice new skills and further enhance the chances of successfully modifying behavior.

    What happens in a session?
    Between six and 12 individuals are teamed with one male and one female facilitator. During the session, groups discuss the nature and types of abuse, ways that power and control are exercised and equality behaviors in a partnership. Sometimes their is homework.

  • This group counseling program covers topics including:
    Trust and Support
    Nonviolence & Nonthreatening Behavior
    Honesty & Accountability
    Negotiation & Fairness
    Shared Responsibility & Economic Partnership
    Responsible Parenting

Fee: $50 for Intake Assessment (required) $25 for Orientation (required prior to group start) $30 for each group session. 27 group sessions required for completion.

PAIP is fully accredited by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a BIP/Battering Intervention & Prevention Program.