Ronna Grady – Don Wilks Spirit Award

This National Volunteer Appreciation Week, SafeHaven is honoring the volunteers that allow us to continue working toward our mission.

Nine volunteers or volunteer groups were honored with awards at SafeHaven's "Round of Applause" event last Thursday, but we also want to let you get to know each of these incredible advocates for SafeHaven.

Let's take a look at our Don Wilks Spirit Award winner, Ronna Grady. Named in honor of longtime volunteer, Don Wilks, this award recognizes an individual or group that demonstrates a deep commitment to SafeHaven's mission to end domestic violence.

Name: Ronna Grady

Where do you volunteer at SafeHaven? Arlington Shelter

Why did you decide to get involved with SafeHaven? I believe I should support and help women have a life of dignity, respect and free from violence.

What has been your favorite memory working with SafeHaven? My favorite memory is seeing the clothes closet go from a messy storage space to a usable room for women to receive clothing.

If you could choose any celebrity to volunteer with you for a day, who would it be and why? I would choose Oprah Winfrey because of her compassion for others and her contributions for the betterment of the world.