SafeHaven Housing Program

SafeHaven’s Program Highlight: Housing

What is the SafeHaven Housing Program?

Our housing program helps families as they transition from life in the emergency shelter to the new challenges of housing assistance.  When a family comes to our emergency shelter, we know that it is not forever and that starting over can be overwhelming.  In order to provide our families with the support that they need as they transition out of shelter, our SafeHaven housing team provides substantial support to get them started on the right foot.  SafeHaven provides significantly subsidized housing for an allotted time (generally a year) and has a special program that is longer for chronically homeless clients with disabilities.  Our amazing housing team works with community partners to make sure that families have a “home” to go to, and that they have the tools to move forward.  SafeHaven provides much more than financial assistance, though.  While families are participating in the housing program they can receive any and all of the same free support services that they received while in shelter including: continued case management, legal assistance, support groups (like FUN Group) and financial education classes to help ensure long term success.

Our Collaborative Partners

We are grateful for the support of partners who make the transition from emergency shelter to housing assistance so much easier for SafeHaven as well as our families.  We could not help as many families as we do without the support of these amazing partners.

  • Ana’s Baskets
    • Ana’s Baskets creates laundry baskets that are filled with all of the basic cleaning supplies and every day necessities to get started in a new apartment.  When a family leaves our emergency shelter and moves to our housing program, they receive a basket!
  • First Street Mission
    • First Street Mission helps SafeHaven families by providing them with a “starter kit” for their apartment.  This “starter kit” includes apartment basics like a shower curtain, liner, rings, a few pots and pans, spatulas, etc. to help them get settled in.
  • Mission Arlington and Union Gospel Mission
    • Furniture is really difficult to come by and move at a moment’s notice without transportation.  Mission Arlington, Union Gospel Mission, and SafeHaven work together to help families with tables and chairs, couches, etc.
  • Veterans Moving America
    • Zach Freeman along with his staff at Veterans Moving America help us move furniture and belongings that have been donated to our families new home free of charge!

The Impact of Housing

At the end of the day, the biggest impact for our housing program is time.  Giving families time to get settled after the shock of starting over and to know that they are not alone as they continue their journey free from violence.

Each year, SafeHaven takes time to celebrate the accomplishments of the women who have successfully graduated from the housing program.  It is a time for friends, family, and coworkers to come together to celebrate the accomplishments of the women who have completed their program and to acknowledge the hard work throughout this journey.  In October 2016, 24 families were eligible for SafeLiving graduation (our biggest class yet!).

“For me, the influence of the housing program is just as important as my new life.  They brought me closer to my children and assisted me to be involved in the community.  We know we are protected and safe and SafeHaven will help us when we need it.  The program has shown me how to be a better mother, a better listener and to search for happiness.  I will never be the same.” – Jessica, 28

As a supporter of SafeHaven, we thank you for giving hope and creating a new “home” for the mothers and children that we serve.