SafeHaven Presents the 2019 Tarrant County Fatality Review

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It is in a spirit of gratitude and collaboration that we publish Tarrant County’s 2019 Fatality Review Report. Gratefully, local experts came together, formed a multi-disciplinary team based on trust and mutual respect, and dug into this hard work. Over the course of 2020, the team met several times to process and analyze the adult homicides that occurred in Tarrant County in 2019. We approached this task with solemnity and objectivity, and I am thankful for the brilliant, open-minded, and honest people who surrounded that table. We’re grateful for the collaboration of all organizations involved including:

  • Arlington Police Department
  • Fort Worth Police Department
  • John Peter Smith Hospital
  • MedStar
  • Office of the Criminal District Attorney
  • SafeHaven of Tarrant County
  • Texas Health Resources 

As this is the first year our team has formalized the reporting process enough to publish a final report, we are excited to offer this information to our community. We believe this will help inform decision makers, stakeholders, and everyday Tarrant County residents in their understanding of Intimate Partner Violence. We also believe that, when the data is gathered and reviewed locally – by local experts – we are able to get the most accurate content, evaluate any nuance, and reach conclusions as a community in partnership with one another. We publish this information as our nation starts Domestic Violence Awareness Month, in the hope that the more we know about this tragic scourge, the more we can prevent it in our community and save lives.    

And finally, but most significantly, every death is a tragedy.  Even one intimate partner homicide is too many. This issue has been a stain on our county for too long and it is only with deep collaboration and coordination that we will make change for good. We can do hard things.

Kathryn Jacob, LMSW
SafeHaven President and CEO