SafeHaven Services

Emergency Shelter

SafeHaven has two emergency shelters - one in Arlington and one in Fort Worth. Our shelters have a 164-bed capacity for families fleeing violent homes. Survivors receive 24-hour comprehensive care ranging from basic needs, transportation, counseling, legal aid, childcare, case management and more.


SafeHaven offers individual and group counseling for women and children in English and Spanish. Licensed counselors and social workers provide a safe place to discuss previous instances of domestic violence or issues with a current relationship, at no cost to survivors.

Transitional Housing

The number one reason a client returns to her abuser is because she doesn't have access to safe housing. SafeHaven assists in providing significantly subsidized housing for families seeking independence. During their stay, clients are offered continued case management, support groups and financial education to ensure success.

Legal Aid

Legal help can seem daunting and expensive, but SafeHaven attorneys provide legal representation and/or advice to our clients free of charge. Services most often include support with divorce, custody cases and protective orders. Our team also provides monthly clinics to answer legal questions and provide advice to survivors in need.


It's never too early to talk about healthy relationships! In order to cease future domestic violence, SafeHaven provides an evidence-based multi-session program teaching Tarrant County students from elementary to high school about respect, anti-bullying and the building blocks of healthy relationships.

Reformative Services

In order to address all sides of domestic violence, SafeHaven provides its only fee-based service, the Partner Abuse Intervention & Prevention Program (PAIP). PAIP provides psychoeducational services to offenders through a state accredited and evidence-based program. Offenders are taught the fundamentals of leading a nonviolent lifestyle through 27, two-hour sessions.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please call our 24-hour emergency hotline at 1-877-701-7233.