SafeHaven Services

SafeHaven offers individual and group counseling for women and children in English and Spanish.

As a fundamental component of recovery from the effects of domestic violence, licensed counselors and social workers provide a safe place to process the complex trauma that occurs as a result of intimate partner violence, at no cost to survivors. Resource centers in Arlington and Fort Worth are available for individual and group therapy for victims as well as play therapy for children affected by domestic violence.

Our Crisis and Outreach team is here to assist families who come to SafeHaven in need of immediate assistance.

Freedom from domestic violence is not a single step process. With the confusion of fleeing a violent relationship, the SafeHaven Crisis and Outreach team is staffed with case managers to help connect survivors with SafeHaven services and other resources based on their needs.

SafeHaven has two emergency shelters, one in Arlington and one in Fort Worth with 164 bed capacities a night for families fleeing violent relationships.

SafeHaven provides two, holistic emergency shelters, located in Arlington and Fort Worth, with a total capacity for 164 per night. Survivors receive comprehensive 24-hour care ranging from basic needs, transportation, counseling, support groups, legal support, childcare, case management and much more. At SafeHaven, we hope to make the best out of the worst experience for our clients.

One of the biggest challenges for our clients comes after leaving shelter. SafeHaven assists in providing significantly subsidized housing for an allotted time or, in some cases, permanent housing for chronically homeless survivors with a disabling condition. This comprehensive housing program offers continued case management, support groups and financial education to ensure success. Additionally, children in the housing program celebrate Camp Heart where they experience a sleep-away weekend camp!
Legal help can seem daunting and expensive, but SafeHaven attorneys provide legal representation and/or advice to our clients free of charge. Services most often include support with divorce, custody cases, and protective orders. Our team also provides monthly clinics to answer legal questions and provide advice to survivors in need.
It is never too early to talk about healthy relationships. In order to cease future domestic violence, SafeHaven provides a robust multi-session program teaching students from elementary to high school about respect, anti-bullying, and relationships through an evidence-based program.
In order to address all sides of domestic violence, SafeHaven provides its only fee-based service, the partner abuse intervention program (PAIP). In PAIP, psychoeducational services are provided to offenders through a state accredited and evidence-based program. Offenders are taught fundamentals of leading a nonviolent lifestyle through 27, two-hour sessions.