SafeHaven Strategic Plan

Goal: To provide prevention services to more Tarrant County residents
Strategic Initiatives: Expand School student assistance program, implement SafeCommunities program, earn evidence-based status for Peer Abuse Learning curriculum.
Goal: To end domestic violence homicides in Tarrant County through various social change initiatives
Strategic Initiatives: Encourage and partner in intelligence-led policing efforts, provide education regarding the issue of strangulation, lead high risk case review for victims and offenders
Goal: To reduce cases of domestic violence through interventions with offenders
Strategic Initiatives: Expand our Reformative Services, create and implement discharge follow-up program
Goal: To build additional income revenue streams
Strategic Initiatives: Additional thrift store, create and implement POP (Prostitution Offender Program), and market and sell Peer Abuse Learning curriculum

Goal: To secure (find, fund) approximately 50 additional units of housing for clients for 1-2 years following discharge from emergency shelter
Strategic Initiatives: Partner with current providers of transitional housing, secure additional Rapid Re-Housing units.
We can only end domestic violence if we strategically work together as a community. Thank you for being a part of that mission. Kathryn Jacob, President and CEO of SafeHaven