SafeHaven Update: 6.9.2021

If you are a parent of a child of any age, you’ve seen Frozen.  It’s one of my favorite movies; I could watch it thousands of times and not bore of it.  I still laugh at Ana’s banter; I still get irritated with Elsa’s elusiveness.  You’ve possibly also seen Frozen 2, which, in my humble opinion, is far better than Frozen 1.  Anyway, one of the lessons of Frozen 2 is the notion that yes, a future that is unknown is a reality and can even be scary, but you can handle it.  The present may even feel tenuous, but as the patriarch of the trolls, Grand Pabbie, instructs us, “Just do the next right thing.”  

Frozen 2 was in theaters back at the end of November 2019 – timely, to say the least, given its message of uncertainty.  We at SafeHaven have been living by the mantra of “Just do the next right thing” throughout the time of COVID-19.  As many of you know, March of 2020 brought some scary unknowns to SafeHaven.  Survivors, like most of us, were stuck at home, but “stuck” took on an even deeper meaning for them.  Our hotline calls went way down, then spiked way up, and maintained a heightened call volume for many months.  The violent nature of intimate partner abuse reached levels we had not before seen, certainly peaking during the unimaginable winter weather suffered in our state last February.  

Through it all, we believe we have consistently done the next right thing – and we have made it through to see the other side.  We can do hard things.

Now hotline calls have leveled out to pre-pandemic rates and shelter life is looking a little more like it once did, but unlike the novel coronavirus, there is no vaccine for domestic violence.  The only way out of this for good is to end abuse.  SafeHaven has stayed true to this mission since our inception in 1976, through impactful historical events like terrorism, mass shootings, public health crises, and racial injustices, and we will continue to do the next right thing as we charge ahead.  We have and we will keep survivors safe and hold offenders accountable.  We have and we will believe in a coordinated community response to domestic violence, joining together with our local collaborators. 

From our staff and our clients at SafeHaven, I believe I speak for us all when I say, “Thank you.” We’ve done the work. We’ve spent countless hours supporting survivors. But none of it would be possible with you and without your support – both financial and just when we needed a little cheerleading. We are excited to be heading back to “normal,” and we know we will continue saving lives because of YOU.

Let’s continue doing hard things!