Steve Woolston – Don Wilks Spirit Award

This National Volunteer Appreciation Week, SafeHaven is honoring the volunteers who allow us to continue working toward our mission. 

Seven volunteers or volunteer groups will be honored with awards at SafeHaven's "Round of Applause" event on Tuesday, but we also want to let you get to know each of these incredible advocates for SafeHaven.

First up is our Don Wilks Spirit Award winner, Steve Woolston. The Don Wilks Spirit Award recognizes an individual whose spirit and commitment is always demonstrated in their volunteer service to SafeHaven and whose efforts are continually supporting SafeHaven's mission to end domestic violence. The recipient of this award leads by example and inspires other. 

Name: Steve Woolston

Where do you volunteer at SafeHaven? Arlington Shelter

Why did you decide to get involved with SafeHaven? The idea came from a friend of mine who was familiar with SafeHaven. He talked about the importance of more men getting involved as volunteers to help improve the image men should have in the eyes of children. 

What has been your favorite memory working with SafeHaven? Definitely Camp Heart. We took several kids fishing who had never fished before, and even though we only caught one small fish between the group, we had a blast... and only lost one fishing pole in the water. 

If you could choose any celebrity to volunteer with you for a day, who would it be and why? It would be Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers. I think he is a great role model, loves kids and would have a lot of fun serving.