Survivors Among Us: Stories that Inspire Hope- Corrine and Noah

Finding a Safe Place at SafeHaven

Corrine knew that when Noah was born that things would be different.  Her relationship with Paul had been tense with her pregnancy and the added expenses that a baby brings, but she knew that once the baby was here, everything would calm down.  They would find their normal routine again, and their growing family would be fine.  As her delivery date crept closer and closer, she felt uneasy and nervous about the future.  There were friendly reminders everywhere that she needed to have a plan, to be prepared for whatever might happen.

The last appointment before Noah was due, Corrine was going through the final screening and answering questions with the nurse that ranged from car seats, final details, when she felt jarred alert in an instant.   The nurse looked at her and asked, “Do you feel safe?” Such a simple question from a host of many, but it sank in and Corrine’s thought was, “Are things going to change?” It felt as the hustle and bustle of the hospital slowed to a whisper as Corrine told the nurse of her concerns and asked what to do.  A brochure about SafeHaven and a quick phone call set the plans in motion to provide a safer environment for her family.

“That first step always feels like the hardest, and can be paralyzing,” Corrine recounts as she looks back on that first trip to SafeHaven.  After meeting with an intake specialist at the SafeHaven Fort Worth Resource Center, Corrine felt comfort in knowing that the counselors were willing to meet her where she was in the journey.  With a baby due in a week, it was terrifying to think of moving to an emergency shelter, safety planning, or her “lethality score.”  After an afternoon with a counselor, a plan was set in motion to be prepared for a new journey with SafeHaven.