TCU Nature of Giving

SafeHaven Selected as Grant Recipient of TCU Philanthropy Class

 SafeHaven has received a special grant of $8,000 from students in TCU’s John V. Roach Honors College course “Nature of Giving.” The class distributed $75,000 in funding to 7 different nonprofit agencies in a special ceremony on December 9th, including their gift to support legal service fees for SafeHaven clients. Over the course of the semester, students investigated questions of mission, need, fiscal responsibility, and return on investment for over 40 local and international nonprofits. As the class went on, students winnowed the list of agencies and their research and debate got progressively more thorough. On December 7th, the class debated for over 10 hours to make its final grant decisions.

 “We voted several times throughout the semester, and domestic violence always finished near the top of causes important to the class,” said Cal Dutcher, a senior Political Science Major who helped represent SafeHaven to the class. “We were impressed with SafeHaven’s commitment to collaboration and effective services. Simply put, SafeHaven is the best at what they do.”

 Funds from the class will support court-ordered and strategic legal fees for SafeHaven clients in approximately 25 court cases including divorce, custody and visitation, property division, and securing spousal and child support. This funding gives SafeHaven’s legal department a critical tool by supporting services that present the most persuasive legal case for our clients. 

 SafeHaven’s Private Grants Coordinator, Peter Luby, worked with a group of students throughout the semester to answer their questions and help build the agency’s case for funding. “It was especially gratifying for me as a graduate of TCU to connect these students to our mission and the people we serve,” said Peter. “SafeHaven has a place in our community every bit as valuable as an institution like TCU. To see young people understand that and choose to commit to strengthening our work to end domestic violence is very special.”