Thank You For Getting Us Ready for Back To School!

One of the best parts about starting a new school year is getting school supplies! From that perfect notepad covered with stickers to a fresh pack of crayons, there is something that is extremely satisfying and exciting about starting a new year.  For the children that are staying at our shelter, that feeling is so much bigger.Triumph

In 2015, SafeHaven provided emergency shelter to almost 900 children. A majority of them did not have time to grab their favorite lunch box, pencil case, or backpack in their transition to use our services. We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to the 35+ businesses and individuals who brought joy to the children residing in our SafeHaven shelters and for the children that have yet to come as well. Thanks to your generosity, each child staying at our shelter was able to start the 2016 school year with a new backpack filled with all the supplies they will need to be successful (and we will be able to help those who haven’t made it to our shelter yet).

Special thanks to: Triumph Aerostructures,  IIATC, Rolling Hills WGA, American Airlines Credit Union, Wagner Oil, Southland Contracting, NTTA, BAE Systems, Bank of America, US Trust, Dallas Morning News and Johnny and Joy Harvison.