The Importance of Mother’s Day at SafeHaven

A Special Time to Celebrate Mom

mom and childI am sure that you have seen reminders everywhere to make sure to treat Mom to flowers, chocolate covered treats, a nice dinner, and/or a lovely card to celebrate one of the most important days of the year, Mother’s Day.  There is no doubt about it, Mother’s Day is a treasured holiday for Mom where she is treated like a queen by the one’s she loves the most, US!  I know I already have a card in the mail to my mom, and feel incredibly guilty that I can’t spend the day with her.

At SafeHaven, this holiday is just as important.  The dynamic of a family affected by domestic violence is far from normal for some.  The trauma of abuse, the strength and closeness of families that are in the process of therapy and moving forward, brings weight to a holiday that might otherwise be just another special day of the year.mother day craft

“A mother’s greatest desire is to protect her children.  For many women at SafeHaven, that desire is the driving force needed for them to gather the courage to  leave their abuser and enter our shelter.  For their bravery and the sacrifices they have made, it is fitting that we honor them on this special day.  We are thankful for our special donors who stepped up to provide gifts for our moms,” Barb Reese, our In Kind Donor Coordinator explained.

We are so thankful to the donors that have gone above and beyond to make this a very special day to treat mom’s at SafeHaven.  Victoria’s Secret- Southlake, Victoria’s Secret North East Mall, Greater Works Today, TCU Women’s Business Network, Bath and Body Works- University Park Village, Mary Kay Consultants- Telsia President, Jayne Ames, and Dee Beasley Hayden, and Church on Rush Creek have donated special trinkets and gifts for all of the special mom’s we serve for Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day, please consider making a donation to support SafeHaven programs that assist all of the mom’s we serve throughout the year.  With your support, we can truly honor these strong women.  If you would like to make a donation in honor of Mother’s Day to support SafeHaven programs, CLICK HERE.