Volunteer Spotlight- Carson Cares

In the summer heat, we couldn’t think of a better volunteer to spotlight than Carson Cares and his annual Lemonaid fundraiser.

When Carson was six years old, his mom was the director of children’s programs here at SafeHaven.  After a visit to the shelter, Carson came home and wanted to give back to the kids at the shelter so they could have more fun.  A lemonade stand was his way of giving back.  At his first fundraiser, Carson raised $22.00, enough to send one child to SafeHaven’s Camp Heart, and he hasn’t slowed down since!carson bold lemonade stand

Nine years later, there have been some BIG changes from that first lemonade stand.  Carson along with family, classmates, and community volunteers have changed the community through their service and grown to create the non-profit organization- Carson Cares.  The mission of Carson Cares is to “Get People Together to Help People in Need.”

Annually, Carson Cares hosts a pretty big LEMONAID Sale in Arlington to support local organizations.  When asked why Carson and his caring friends continue to go above and beyond in supporting SafeHaven, he said, “I enjoy working with SafeHaven because it makes me happy to see a smile on kids’ faces.”

lemonaid 2 lemonaid one

SafeHaven is thankful for the support of Carson Cares and for the mission that Carson Cares promotes.  Working together as a community is the only way that we can really end domestic violence in Tarrant County.

For more information about Carson Cares, you can like their Facebook page HERE (and stay up to date of their projects) or visit their website at www.carsoncares.org