Volunteer Spotlight: Ms. Cherry’s Dance Class

Getting children to slow down for a picture is always a challenge, but it becomes almost impossible when Ms. Cherry walks into a classroom with tutu’s and music.

The room instantly feels brighter as the kids get bouncy with anticipation and can’t stop smiling.  So, please forgive “blurry” children, but welcome to the fun chaos of our volunteer’s special dance class!DSC01718          DSC01724        DSC01720

Since 2012, Ms. Cherry has brought lots of cheer and some pretty serious dance skills to the children of the Fort Worth shelter where she teaches dance class every week as a volunteer.  Each of her classes begins with some light stretching and picking out skirts for the girls to wear (because twirling is VERY important). She encourages the children to use dance as a healthy outlet and she shows children how to dance with their heart; not just their feet. There is a freedom during class for the children to move any way they wish, and to just enjoy the music and movement.

Ms. Cherry is a great example of the power of a volunteer.  Thank you, Ms. Cherry for all that you do.  The impact of your time and special talents make a world of difference.


If you are interested in volunteering and have questions on what to do next, please click here or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Lindsay Klatzkin, at lklatzkin@safehaventc.org,