We Need You Most Right Now


It’s summertime.

For many of us, this means lazy mornings and less traffic, fireworks and key lime pie.

But for those who live in violent homes, summertime means less of a routine.  It means less reliability. More unpredictable moments.  More walking on eggshells.  For many Tarrant County families, summertime means making a move they’ve been waiting to make until the school year was over.

When we look at our historical data trends, SafeHaven’s domestic violence hotline receives the most calls in the summer months, between the end of the school year in May and its start in August.  SafeHaven’s shelters are most full in the summer.  June, July, and August end up being SafeHaven shelters busiest months, full to the brim with families making a new start.  Changing their lives.  Disrupting the course of their histories for the better.

Adding hardship, the summertime is also when SafeHaven support is at its lowest levels - many helpers in our community are often in other places, enjoying those same months off and away from the daily grind.  It is our hope that by informing you, by pressing this ‘panic button,’ by shouting from the rooftop that now we need you more than ever, we can pair problem-solving, justice-seeking, service-minded Texans with families who desperately need to be noticed.  Because we have learned that when we say the words please help, Tarrant County always answers with a raised hand and a resounding YES.

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