When You Want To Say More Than Thank You

At SafeHaven, we are so genuinely appreciative for your support. Hear some of the staff’s thoughts below on why we love our donors.

  • What I love about our donors is their passion for the population we serve; SafeHaven donors are quite literally saving lives in our community.  Their support demonstrates that the work we do is important and much needed and we are grateful we don’t have to do it alone!
  • SafeHaven has a unique responsibility, as the largest agency in the DFW metroplex, to provide safety and shelter to domestic violence victims.  Our donor’s generosity is how and why we are able to do that.
  • Supporting SafeHaven is saying I helped a woman and her children no longer experience violence in their home; its saying I want to help a child reach their fullest potential and not have to waste their dreams on not being hurt, but on where they want to go to college and what they want to be when they grow up; its saying that no one person should have to leave a life of fear; it’s saying that I have a responsibility to my community to speak up for those that may not be able to speak up themselves.
  • Our donors remind us that the work we do is important, and that we are not working to end domestic violence alone.
  • Donors play a role in SafeHaven’s mission that is both practical and poetic.  Donors make critical services possible –services like emergency shelter, counseling, legal assistance, school-based prevention, and partner abuse intervention—that can protect victims and prevent and reduce future violence. But in their giving, our donors also see and serve women, children, and families who have become invisible and forgotten, helping create a community that values the hopes, dreams, and lives of victims of domestic violence.
  • Each donor represents a different human experience that not only provides the means for SafeHaven to further our mission, it represents the thousands of lives connected to bring about healing.  A force much greater than our individual contributions.

On behalf of the clients we serve and for all of the encouragement we receive through your support, we are truly grateful for you!  Thank you for encouraging us, for standing by us, and for caring about our community.