Women’s History Month

A Note from our CEO this Women’s History Month

As some of you know, in 2000-2001, I had the opportunity to serve in the United States Peace Corps in Turkmenistan – a country not known for the wonderful way it treats women.  Turkmenistan, like its Central Asian neighbors, is deeply rooted in patriarchy and conservative tradition.  Ironically, it is also the place I’ve seen the most public displays of International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8th.  I’ll never forget, I was flying that day in 2001 – from my little town to the capitol – and the men on the flight let all the women board first, and while doing so, told each on of us, “Happy Women’s Day!”

That experience was lovely, but boarding an airplane before my male counterpart hardly makes up for systemic oppression and gender inequality, experienced both there and even right here at home.  SafeHaven recently hosted the Domestic Abuse Intervention Conference here at One Safe Place, and I gladly got to attend a large portion of it.  I learned about how institutions and systems oppress women, and how that culture only encourages the use of power and control inside the home.

I hope that you can celebrate women this month, but not just this month.  Let’s remember each and every month the impact women have had in our individual lives, our country, and all over the world.

Kathryn Jacob, LMSW
President & CEO