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One in Three Women

In Tarrant County, one in three women will be affected by domestic violence in her lifetime.

Help end domestic violence in our community


SafeHaven is the domestic violence service provider in Tarrant County providing assistance to families healing from violent relationships.

Our services include immediate shelter and housing, a 24-hour crisis hotline, support and counseling and legal counsel, as well as prevention and reformative services.

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The culture statement of SafeHaven isĀ SafeHaven creates community. We value our community and can only end domestic violence if we work together.

Get involved by donating your time, your gently used items, or financially investing in our mission to end domestic violence.

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For over 40 years, SafeHaven has been working to develop practical resources to educate, safety plan, and share information necessary to end domestic violence.

Whether you are looking for more information, or hoping to share material to a group, we have the resources for you.

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Women and Children in Emergency Shelter

Students Served in Prevention Services

Meals Served in Emergency Shelter

Women Represented with free legal support


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