Donation Acceptance Policy

Your donation goes directly to support SafeHaven of Tarrant County – we truly appreciate your support to end domestic violence.  It is hard to say ‘no thank you’ to a donation.  However, we do need to refuse some items due to potential safety concerns, being non-recyclable, containing hazardous materials, capacity issues, and/or items we are unable to resell.  Additionally, we are unable to accept donations that have been recalled, banned or do not meet current safety standards.  Our staff are trained to know what we can and cannot accept.


  • Must be on in bags, or boxes.  Please no loose clothing
  • Must be washed, free from stains or tears
  • Unable to accept loose and/or wet items, and single shoes
  • Unable to accept loose wire hangers


  • All electronics/appliances must be in good working condition and will be tested to work before we are able to accept items
  • Televisions and computer monitors must be digital flat screens
  • Unable to accept computers


  • Must be washed and free from stains or tears
  • Unable to accept bed pillows


  • Unable to accept any items with broken parts
  • Unable to accept any upholstered item with major stains, holes and/or tears
  • Unable to accept hospital beds, mattresses or box springs, window blinds with cords, kerosene lamps, tires, household building materials

Baby Items:

  • We will accept strollers and pack and plays for our clients if they are clean and in good condition
  • Due to federal and state regulatory recommendations, we are unable to accept USED:
    •  Baby car seats, high chairs, cribs and/or mattresses

Thank you! See you soon!!